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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
What's the weather like?

M: Me
I: Not so bright person. (bet you can guess what the I stands for.)

M: Making conversation because she's waiting for her husband to finish feuling
M: Well, I hope you had a good visit to Canada.
I: Yes! It was great!
M: That's good.
I: So, what's the weather been like here?
M: glances out the window at the cloudless sky and wishing the airconditioning worked a bit better
M: Hot, mostly.
I: Wow. Just like in Canada, then.
M: ...

Because weather stops at border checkpoints too.


Current Mood: amusedsnarky
Current Music: Sons of Somerled, Steve McDonald

Well, some of my Canadian friends say that they get tired of explaining that Canada, too, has seasons and different climates, and that no, it isn't the cartoon-image frozen wasteland all year round....

Re: Heh.


Oh, yes. I told a couple of Canadian friends of mine, and their response was 'What, don't you see the igloos over there in Whiterock?' (which is visible across the bay.)

Sadly, this story is not funneh enough for MTS, but... *shrugs*

Maybe I should post it to mock the ignorant, which is more appropriate anyway. *grins*