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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
For the HP-lovers out there

I just saw the damnedest speculation on one of my Yahoo!Groups.

The claim? Narcissa Malfoy is a muggleborn and thus, voila! Draco must be the Half-Blood Prince.


This point is clearly sated a couple of times (along with the cheerful announcement that the book is coming out on the speculators birthday, hooray for giving away information to identity theives) and one or two people react with slack-jawed disbelief.

Including me, although I was polite enough to do it in private email.

The justification for this bizarre idea?

1) There are, apparently, rare exceptions that allow Muggleborns to become Death Eaters (according to an interview with JKR)


2) The author of this absurdity just knows it.

I find it interesting the lengths people will go to in order to try and promote their favorite characters. I'm a fan of Snape. He's a remarkable asshole, but we get these intriguing little bits about him so I find him fascinating, despite the fact he probably would have reduced me to tears on a regular basis if I'd had him for a teacher.

There's a lot of things I'd like to see about Snape and believe about him, to make him less of a sadistic prick. On the other hand, I'm not going to completely rewrite the reality of the HPverse in order to make Draco Malfoy more important than he is already.

...I'm really curious how in the world the girl got the idea that even if the Blacks had somehow produced a muggleborn, Malfoy would have accepted such a thing in his wife.


Perhaps Malfoy didn't know?

If you look at the royal and noble families of the past as a parallel to the "pure-blood" preoccupation with lineage, there were a number of alternatives practiced when some scion of the house took up with a "common" or undesirable partner and actually produced offspring with him/her.

Frequently the alternatives involved the resulting child being totally unaware of his/her parentage.

I'm doing my best to shovel this girl out of the corner she's talked herself into, but other than the above, I haven't a glimmer.

Hmmmms. In theory, I can see how Malfoy might be tricked into marrying a muggleborn and if Narcissa hadn't been a Black to start with I might entertain the idea... but considering the family -- Bellatrix, Mrs. Black, toujours pur, and even Kreacher -- I can't quite believe that Narcissa is an adopted muggleborn. Frankly, I can't see the Black family adopting anyone they didn't know the lineage of. Actually, I can't see them adopting anyone. Fostering, yes, adopting, no.

Now, if the claim had been that Narcissa is actually a half-blood, an adopted Black because her father had gone and gotten either a muggleborn or muggle pregnant, I'd find that an interesting and possibly supportable theory. It isn't unusal for the foremost advocates of some terrible thing be examples of what they want to destroy... Voldemort himself being a fine example.


Actually, come to think on it, if the theory had been that Lucius had gone and gotten a muggle preggers and adopted the kid because Narcissa had proven barren... Now that's a theory I could have run with.