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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Talk about the wank being in the house

I'm not going into my opinions of rape in fanfic, published fic, or in Real Life, but the first thread Stargate SG-1 Rapefic Wank Report is a doozy.

No need to check the related links for the SG-1 wank, there's plenty to be had right there on JournalFen.

I do have to note that, once again, Wankprophet is a minor deity in the pantheon.

Wow. The view from the Hufflen00b common room must be spectacular, what with the lake rising and flooding shore with spooge. I hope the giant squid is okay.

Current Mood: surprisedastonished

Don't worry too much. The giant squid should really be used to the swirls and turbulence by now and I've learned in "care for magical creatures" that it nourishes on what's raised from the seabed by the the recurrent floods. Yes. Old trolls and moldy stuff. Ick.

What's disturbing is the centaur herd... I mean, doing the macarena in ankle-deep wank-tides is really a bit much. And so many of them!