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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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March 2014
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Waves cheerfully at everyone

Okay, I'm vastly amused since those I've inspired to apply to hogwarts_elite have done so much better in the not-being-squibbed than I.

*tilts hat* Way to go bard_mercutio and katieupsidedown!

In other news, I'm offically down to 296 and creeping down slowly.

Yay! Less than 300lbs! *happy dances, or would if she wasn't sitting down*

I have applied for a job with the school district -- hopefully the aliens that have been eating teacher's brains won't get me -- working in the elementary school library. Wish me luck.

(The general consensus is that I may be the only one who included a cover-letter, resume and extra references, so lets hope I look more capable and respectable than the other applicants.)

Now I have to find something that will fit for the hoped-for interview. All of my buisness clothes are pretty much guaranteed to be too large.

I've finally gotten around to setting up voice-mail for my cell phone, which is prolly a good idea, over all.

*randomly glomps members of friends list and stray passers-by*

Current Mood: bouncy*happy happy dance dance*

Good to hear about the job prospects! (You might be able to get away with belting in something that is only a little bit too big, depending on the cut. If you don't have too much extra income, try that first.)

Congrats on the job prospect! I hope all goes well and you get a job you enjoy. Also congrats on the weight loss. I know very well how hard it is to lose weight, so you really should be proud!


Thanks. :) I'm amused by the whole process, especially the placement in Gryffindor and the opinion that I was 'pushing Slytherin'. I actually had the expectation that I'd end up in Ravenclaw. The stuff labeled as Slytherin is just my natural personality. (I believe in fair warning before letting people put up with me. ;> ) I'm also amused that Kate (sirkate), who decided to also do it, looks like she'll end up in Ravenclaw. We both thought her app sounded Hufflepuff.