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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
The Book You Crew

A lot of people have discovered the wonders of thebookyoucrew recently through the wonder that is Fandom_Wank. It's a community of "oh, no we're not elitist" posers who will cheerfully make fun of your favorite books and authors using no discernible literary standard.

Frankly, they're hilarious.

Between "Vonnegut Makes Baby Jesus Cry!" and "OMG! How can you like Gaiman, he's such an unoriginal twat!" thebookyoucrew comes across as pretentious assholes whose literary taste obviously includes book-binding glue and bleached cellulose.

Coming across thebookyoucrew in a Fandom_Wank post I experienced something I have never before felt - the extraordinary urge to troll a group/person.

In a way, I gave in. The list I posted was more or less honest as I don't generally sit around thinking about my absolute favorite books/works of fiction. I will admit that I included quite a lot of fanfiction because I read a lot of fanfiction... and because they dissed Sushi (wikdsushi), she of the terrifying owl icon.

I was fully prepared to be laughed at for reading works of derivative fiction, but no mention of the fact that almost half of my list was fanfic made it into the objections.



*boggles again*

The primary objections to my list were that I can't spell ancient Greek names (and an extraneous 'g' made its way into Coleridge) and that my list was extraordinarily boring.

I'd have called a list with Mercedes Lackey and Cicero on it eclectic myself.

But the pretention... it burns.

schwarzes_herz claims that she's read just about everything on the list and, except for 'In a Grove,' it's boring. She doesn't read fluff, but also "can't handle lists that are all I just threw a ton of bricks at your chest cavity. Oof."

Fluff isn't for everyone, so I can give on that, but I'm still not quite seeing where I threw a ton of books at her chest cavity... After all, the Second Philippic is *funny* damn it. The Ryme of the Ancient Mariner is a bit heavy, I suppose. But these people supposedly want works that make you *think*... doesn't the Orestia count?

Then again redpainter believes that "too much gravitas and too little pleasure make for a dull, dull list". This from a list that includes Lackey, Eddings, and Cicero in full-snark mode... Even ignoring the fanfic, some of which really isn't fluff (Lone Wolf's Dark Matter is *not* a light story, though I find it full of hope), I can't say that the list is hugely weighted down with serious things. I included High Flight because of the imagery. Tennyson's The Lady of Shallott has gorgeous visuals *and* makes me think. How can one not read it and *see* it in their minds... how can one not compare the Lady with a modern day where we watch television and go online to the detriment of experiencing the real world? It's Socrates' Allegory of the Cave only with Tennyson's breathtaking visuals. Lackey and Eddings both make me contemplate the world as I know it, even with fluff (although, frankly, the Last Herald Mage trilogy isn't really all *that* fluffy.) Lackey's Vanyel is someone I admire, with the willingness to do what needs to be done for the good of all and to face such sacrifice with courage. I think that Cicero would find him admirable in his service to the state and to his people.

Still, the list is predominantly pleasure reading... it's obvious.

Then again, redpainter also believes that I should learn to spell. While this is probably true, redpainter can neither capitalize nor punctuate correctly so it's very hard to take him/her/it seriously.

It was interesting to discover, after reading several lists that have responses of "OMG, you listed -blank-, so that's an auto-no!" tom_servo actually has auto-YES books.

He's not willing to share author names with the peanut gallery, though.

*shakes head*

On the whole, it was an interesting adventure interacting with thebookyoucrew. While I very much doubt that they will successfully convince many who runs across them that they're *not* pretentious twits -- statements such as 'Shakespeare is boring,' 'this list reeks of vagina,' 'Gilgamesh is boring' and 'How lit. 101, everyone's read *that*' -- they *are* amusing as hell.

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