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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]

This week, after a rash of alien encounters, local high school teachers have been found to be operating with plain lime Jell-o between their ears instead of grey matter!

How do people think without at least marshmallows and pineapple bits to serve as neurons?

Apparently, they don't.

Once again, I am simply awed by the people who manifestly have missed the bloody damn point.

I have nothing against Mr. Newell as a person -- well, with the exception of the adultery thing, I am sooooo not a fan of people who break their vows to others -- but the man made a conscious choice to do something that he knew was against the law, for love of everything one might consider holy... heck, for love of everything that one doesn't. He may well be the best administrator that Blaine High School has ever seen, but that doesn't imply that he should see no repercussions for his choices.

Why are people so blind to the fact that Newell has chosen to abandon the students, parents, and faculty he is supposed to serve? The law isn't taking the man away. He walked away of his own free will, making a decision that sacrificed one student for the reputation of another student's mother.

Keeping that in mind -- he wasn't trying to save a student.

Clearly he didn't effing care about the students, otherwise he wouldn't have taken an action that would predictably result in the sacrifice of another of his charges. He did it to save the reputation of a school board member. He wasn't trying to prevent anyone from going to jail or experiencing something that would ruin a life (OMG, $500 and 90 hours of community service, how wrechedly horrid is that?). He was trying to save an intangible aspect of a woman that 90% of the local community would not recognize on sight anyway.

A woman who, given the circumstances, had no business being on the school board at all.

We were supposed to entrust our kids to a mother who let her 16 year old live away from home with her 18 year old boyfriend? Whether or not she was aware of the drug-dealing nature of the boyfriend, what in the world was this woman thinking? Where in the world did she get the idea that if she felt that was a good and acceptable idea obviously she should be given the care of other teens as well?

What platform did she run on? "I'm a fuckup parent and you can be one too?"

Frankly, I'd have had more respect for her if she'd let her daughter be arrested and then done whatever she could to help the girl afterward -- having a teen that's fallen under bad influences doesn't smear a person in my view. It happens to good families all the time. It's when parents try to clean up after them to hide and/or deny the problem that they sincerely earn my disgust.

So now we come to the teachers.

"Dan would stick up for me!" -- Well, as he's got no moral high ground, that's probably a given. That doesn't make him a good defender.

"He's got a heart with no boundaries!" -- Except the ones that sacrifice children for the benefit of their parents, to help clean up messes so they can have a 'perfect family' facade.

"We appreciate our adimnistrators!" -- because shit rolls down hill and I bet everyone has to take up some of the slack in terms of paperwork and kid-saving. Waaaaaambulance, take me away!

Crucifiction-of-a-cockatiel, these people are so misguided it's no surprise the local kids are so fucked up.

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Someone needs to realize that if the X-Files was a hit 10 years ago, a show like that today would...

Actually, are there enough people left intact to appreciate a show like that anymore?


Ah, but the Weekly World News and National Inquirer will be hits long after we're gone, which was the effect I was going for ;)

Although, don't diss my X-Files, woman! ;P Although I'll admit that major suckage began occuring around season 3-4 and never quite seemed to stop.

*hugs teh_kay_wray*

And I dunno if there are enough people uninjured by the likes of Fear Factor and American Idol to appreciate spooky wierdness.

Who's dissing X-Files? I was on the phone haranguing my friends to watch it not 10 seconds after the first episode ended. I had no idea there was such a thing as Fandom back in those innocent days of lightness and youth...