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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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March 2014
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
When Good Principals Need Principles

There are times when it is clearly obvious that stupidity should be an actionable offense.

The arrest of local High School principal Dan Newell is an exellent example of this.

Moron is too kind a term and idiot too generous.

Fucktard, as my co-worker would say, is probably the most accurate, though crude.

I cannot even begin to describe my outrage and irritation with the thought that the principal of the high school, alerted by authorities that there was going to be a raid on the school bus, called the mother of the teen in question and told her to keep the girl out of school that day.

There have been various defenses of this act, primarily along the lines of 'He was just trying to protect the child/mother.'

To which I cry 'BULLSHIT, people.'

The police and border patrol had been working for months on this particular marijuana smuggling scheme and Newell blew it the hell out of the water because... gee, the mother just got elected to the school board and it would be bad press?


There's useful logic for you. The resulting scandal when this all came to light is ever-so-obviously much better than people finding out that mummy-dearest was allowing her sixteen-year-old daughter to live with the eighteen-year-old drug-dealing boyfriend and was apparently oblivious to her child raking in about 20k per month.

Which, of course, we've found out anyway.

Those who claim he was trying to protect the girl... well, gosh, how greatly moral to warn one girl so another was persuaded to smuggle the marijuana that day and take the fall. There's nothing wrong with that, is there?

Of course, Newell succeeded in protecting the girl and her mother as neither one of them is facing charges because they've been so cooperative with authorities.

Obviously the kind of ladies who are worthy of throwing one's career away for.

Dumbfuck, please!

In the meantime, the school is forbidding the students to speak about the case on campus, under threat of detention if they're caught. Newell, whatever faults he may have, is incredibly popular with students and parents alike, and these kids are hurting, unable to understand why he did what he did or why he's being punished for it. The seniors are talking about boycotting their graduation ceremony (save the school district some money, that'll prove your point!) if he can't be there and many are blaming the police for lawfully informing the chief adminstrator of the school because if they hadn't Newell wouldn't have made such a stupid-ass mistake.

And the school remains silent, mostly, as if ignoring it will make it go away.

On the whole I'm not sure which pisses me off more, Newell's breach of the public trust or the school district's handling of it.

They're both fucktarded.


Of course, Newell has pled not guilty. My mother, who has a great deal of experince says that's normal, even when they later change the plea. It still pisses me off. And the mother of the girl who did get arrested? She's not only missed the point, she's nuts. "I don't mind that the other kid got away with it." WTF is wrong with this woman?

There's a half-dozen things he could have done to be of help, and he chose the worst possible one. What is so hard about understanding that?

I'd rant more, but I'm getting very tired of the space bar that doesn't work. Argh!

*hugs all*


It's no wonder people keep doing things like this when they basically get nothing but a slap on the hand!The girl gets all that money and pays no consquences for it!I'll bet more will be trying it.

Good example that principal set for that school. And the kids are supporting him! Where are the morals these days?


Where are the morals these days?

Circling the bowl, my dear.

I sometimes get into (very short) arguments with what I suspect are that type of individual--when I inform them that I have never partaken of illegal drugs, never been drunk and waited until I was twenty-one to drink alcohol in the first place, these scumbags look me in the eye and accuse me of lying. Because their tiny, morally-impoverished minds can't encompass the idea that not everyone is as debauched as they and their friends are.

The looks one gets when one says "I don't actually know what marijuana smells like" are classic.

Sort of like:
"Which is the best beer?"
"Hell if I know, I don't drink beer. Ewwww." (ask me my favorite liquers or mixed drinks... that's another story.)

"Which cigarettes are most similar to Canadian blends?"
"Dude, how would I know? I don't smoke."

Apparently you're really messed up if you've never dabbled in illegal substances or not-so-healthy legal ones. Go figure.


*waves hello*

Rather late to reply but damn I've had the worst fucking headaches lately (literally, although there certainly are specific people and/or things that qualify as well...)

Anyway: I heard about that news story. He's exactly the kind of principal that pushes vulnerable kids that much closer to deciding the world is against them and they should respond in kind. I hope he goes down.

*huggles teh_kay_wray*

I hope the headaches are better. How's Curves going for you? (I've been dying to ask)

The whole thing sucks because the kids apparently worship the man, which makes it difficult to explain why his actions were so wrong. Hell, many of the parents are just as bad. But that's going to be in the rant yet-to-come. And quite possibly a letter to the editor of the local paper.

*huggles again*

*would huggle back, but the headaches turned into a nasty respiratory infection so I'm loaded with cooties*

I liked the first week a lot. Then the headaches and sickness hit so I haven't been able to go. For the last two weeks I've been doing what little $$ work I can to get by and soaking in hot salt and aromatherapy baths when I'm not sleeping. Seems to be working, I'm feeling better today but the MD said not to push things. I hate being sick.

How are you doing?