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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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March 2014
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]

*waves* Yes, I'm alive, but as I'm using my mom's computer and its space bar is a pain in the 'what? you expect me to function?' ass, I'm still not going to be posting much. The Good news is that as soon as I get my tax retun I'll be able do something about my computer which is theoretically under warranty, but best to cover all the bases.

Speaking of covering bases...

I know y'all have seen it before, but with the new HP book coming out (which can be ordered through the Amazon link) and all... there ya go. As I said before, Christmas is once a year, hospitals, on the other hand, are a year-round pain in the buttocks.

On the plus side (although, I suppose I should call it the minus ;) I've lost 125 lbs. On the way minus, I've discovered that weighing less seems to make me a raging bitch for a week out of the month. I'm not sure that this is a fair trade.

Now, on to your irregularly scheduled rant.

In the next episode, when good princpals need priciples.


*boggles* 125 lbs! WOW! *is impressed*

*grins* Thank you :)

My goodness 125 pounds! You deserve an award for that. I have to lose 100 and am getting no where since I can barely walk these days.

We have appointments (Larry is having health problems he is being tested for them now)at Mayo in two weeks and while there I am going to be seeing the doctors to talk about gastric bypass.

It was something I was hoping to avoid but I just can't lose weight when I can't get any exercise.And if I don't lose it soon I won't be here. So I am at least going to get the process started.

It may be a moot point though if Larry loses his job and has no insurance. Because without that no medical care.

Thanks again for linking my fundraising site.We all appreciate it so much!

Someday I will be paying all this forward to others in need!

Big hugs for your hard work in getting off the weight! I know you really has to work hard to do that!


Next paycheck I'm getting you a copy of Curves on the go. You might be able to do some of the exercises, maybe.

You remain in my prayers, guys.