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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]

...isn't the longest war in US history Korea? Last I checked, no peace treaty has been signed.

(That said, yes, Ms. Maddow, I would agree that Afghanistan and Iraq are definitely the longest conflicts of the modern generation.)

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We do. We've had troops in Korea continuously since the armistice was signed in 1953, to defend the demilitarized zone. The general consensus, from what I recall, is that if we pull out of South Korea, North Korea will invade and almost certainly win such a conflict. It's one of the reasons I object to calling Afghanistan or Iraq longer wars, especially once we pull out. We've got close to 30,000 troops in Korea, and while it's not the same level of deployment and has a lot less shooting, it's still active duty against a known, inimical power.

We've been at war with North Korea for over fifty years and damned if I'll sign on to anything a that minimizes the reality of that. Bad enough that people forget that the shooting part of the war even happened. (I was listening to part of Maddow's Monday or Tuesday night broadcast and wanted to punch her, frankly if for no other reason than the fact that rotating troops in and out of war zones was a new development during Vietnam -- in earlier wars you went to war and stayed there, none of these shorter tours of duty. She's a war historian and damned well knows better. I like her generally, but WTF? I'm a huge anti-fan of Afghanistan and Iraq, but I'm not going to ignore the troops who are in another war zone just because A-and-I have offended me from the outset.)

Korea and Vietnam are the historical examples of why Afghanistan and Iraq were really bad ideas as wars go. We literally cannot leave South Korea unless we want to consign the citizenry there to being overrun by the crazy, human rights hating, atrocity-happy North Korean government. We did abandon south Vietnam, although, in fairness, to what was arguably their duly selected style of self governance once they'd wrested control from the French.