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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
So I do not forget. So we all can remember.

I love the holiday season, the showcase of human generosity that we see, even with the rampant commercialism of Christmas. It's wonderful to know that I have in some small way contributed to making another person's Christmas a little brighter, maybe a bit shinier. But I will say this, even after the holidays are over, if y'all are going to buy something at Amazon, please do it through the 4christina site. And remember if you've got a couple of bucks kicking around later, when the wolves of December have yeilded to the lambs of April, Christina will still need help. I don't want to forget that Christmas comes only once a year... and hospital visits can happen year round.


A holiday by any other name is still a holiday. They can be depressing as hell, but if you give 90% of the nation the day off I'm not one to complain.

Hope yours is a good one :D

Unfortunately, I'm not one of the ones with the day off, but I do get time+1/2 so I'm not complaining too much ;)

Merry Christmas! :)

I was afraid of that somehow... :(
Good on time+1/2 at least!

Thanks for continuing to think of me! Yes, sadly the hospital visit and medical care and it's cost continue all year and will for the rest of my life. We are slowly working on getting the items I need, the list is long but all your help is getting me going in the right direction!

I did get some new glasses with some of the donation money. I should get them the end of this week. I really needed them too! I didn't realize just how much til I saw the difference between the old and new ones!
I kept the price down by getting discontinued frames and I did let the optometrist know that I had to keep this as cheap as possible because of all the medical bills so I could make the donated money go as far as possible.

So another way he kept the price down was giving me lined bifocals and I was given a coupon to use to get the glasses and frames for $99.00 plus tax not including the co-pay. The insurance picked up the cost of the eye exam itself.

So thank you to those reading this here who helped me out!It might also help me get rid of the headaches I have been having the last couple of months.

Vasaris, what kind of work do you do if you don't mind my asking? Just curious to get to know you better is all.
Hope you have a good week!

Hmmm? I'm a cashier. Congrats on the new glasses. I needs me an eye exam meself.

I hope the book is going well and am offering prayers that any new cancer tests come back with a big, fat minus sign, darnit!