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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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March 2014
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Have you ever said something offhandedly...

...that came back and bit you on the ass?

Shelly, the nice lady that runs our Curves has been threatening to do a write-up on me and mom for Diane, the Curves magazine, for... oh, I don't know, six months or so? I didn't take it particularly seriously, Shelly's a busy lady and Curves success stories are a dime a dozen in Diane, so while I'd be unsurprised if Shelly found the time to do it, it wouldn't really be all that remarkable.

Then, about a month ago, we were talking about the future of our Curves, when we're going to get the new machine (affectionately called the butt-buster or something to that effect) and Curves' 1-year anniversary when Shelly mentioned this write-in-to-Diane thing again. Since we'd been talking about advertising (which often consists of my mom pointing at me and saying 'use her! use her! -- Shut UP, mom! *blush*') I thoughtlessly said "Well, if you're going to do that, you should ask the Northern Light to do a write up, coinciding with the week of the anniversary."

WTF was I thinking? Obviously not about my own comfort zones.

I suspect we all have some small desire to be a celebrity, but when presented with evidence that Shelly is really asking the local free paper to do an article on my mother and I, I'm all ERK!Noes!

It's really kind of odd. I don't particularly mind the sign she put up regarding me hitting the -100lbs mark, I've been told that it's inspirational to other members by other members, so it's all good. I don't even particularly mind my regular customers (who have begun to notice the weight loss) asking me for the current numbers just so they can congratulate me. That's actually kind of cool, because they're people I've been interacting with for years and it's nice to know that they really do care about me, even in this small, visceral way.

But knowing that Shelly wants to put our pictures out in front of what amounts to a thousand people (or more) who live in my area just...

*shivers* Dunno why, but it bothers me. Maybe because they can come to where I work and find me, I suppose. I mean, someone sees something about us in Diane, which obviously would have a much higher readership, they're far away and I'll never meet them -- probably.

Anyway, as of Tuesday, I hit -111 lbs and, if I recall correctly something like -79 inches overall. Not sure, as I don't have the printout in front of me.

Only 24 more pounds to go before I can say that I *don't* weigh over 300lbs.


It could go two ways basically: a few people will read it, notice you and say "you go girl" (or similar), and then forget all about it; or, it could escalate into a massive out-of-control media-frenzy with a featured spot on Oprah.

Just kidding. I seriously don't think anything but good can come of it. And congratulations! You're getting closer every day :)


Oh, I know. It's really not that big a deal but just that moment of WTF?

Although I wouldn't mind meeting Oprah. *snerks*

*hugs* Thanx :)

WTF in that realm is shuddering.

And if only Oprah, having resurrected the book club, would only push her audience a bit further...