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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Desperately in love, desperately in bafflement... who knew?

I kind of want to marry State Senator Nina Turner of Ohio. I believe we totally should ensure that the fragile state of male reproductive health should have as many vigorous and prying inquiries made into it as so many State representatives and senators would like to have regulating us poor, weak-minded, foolish-for-thinking-our-bodies-belong-to-us women.

I also want to apologize to all moderate, reasonable, fiscal-conservative, non-asshole Republicans for the fact that this giant bag of offal believes that s/h/it is on your side. I mean, you've got a wide variety of flaming assweasels asserting that every last one of you are bigoted, racist, misogynistic, gay-bi-transgender-queer-despising -- oh, let's be realistic and call it human hatinging in the name of God, mostly, since they come across as 'We hate everyone who is not a member of our specific God-worship, because if it's not our way you're wrong and going to Hell', so, y'know, everyone who isn't them -- jerkface meaniebutts, but I'm fairly certain that's not all Republicans. And this is me, still failing to understand why anyone worships a God that apparently hates everyone in the name of Love. I'm pretty sure the Bible doesn't mean what these people think it means. *boggle* For that matter, why anyone would assume that God would want people who use him/her as an excuse to hate everyone around them is also pretty baffling, to be honest.

I mean, Liberals have more than their share of assweasels, but What-The-Everloving-Crap is that bumper sticker? Other than grossly offensive, jaw dropping, and likely to turn people's brains off with outrage (or force them offline with an error on their boot disc, because I mostly just wandered around with an 'I... can't parse that' but it took a while to get my mind functional again, what with having to load Windows into safe mode and resetting to a previous save point, and hoping that my backups hadn't been corrupted.)

So... I'm sorry that not only do the shit-flinging jerks make your side look stupid, it's making your side look like it's made entirely of terrifyingly ignorant and bigoted assholes. Seriously, after the Limbaugh thing, it becomes just that much more difficult to take the Right very seriously, because I'm not-so-secretly thinking -- 'Why should I give a damn what a bunch of flamingly ignorant, wildly bigoted, humanity-hating jerks want for any reason?'

If someone is specifically after greater polarization in American Politics, that was surely the way to go.

...Osama bin Laden, is that your spectral laughter I hear?

(And now for a whole new method of terrorism that would certainly work a treat. Why bomb buildings if you can exacerbate the existing tensions enough to cause a country to collapse? o.0;)

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Once again, well-said.

I heard a clip on the TV of a leftist hateradio guy, and wondered why he didn't get more publicity like Rush does. (IIRC, he was yelling about how some R politician's heart should be "ripped out of his chest, kicked around like a political football" since that's what it is anyway, and then "stuffed back in".)


A pox on both their houses, since both L and R seem to believe that anyone who doesn't march in lockstep with them is TEH EEEVUL and must be gagged/excoriated.

As I said to Grey recently, "It seems to me that getting into politics is like wading into a cesspool. No matter which side you start from, the deeper you get, the harder it is to tell the difference, and it all stinks."