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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Honestly, it's ridiculous.

Assholes, please.

Believe it or not -- for all that I'm not impressed by a fair number of the female Republican contingent -- neither I, nor most liberals I know, are actually happy about them being the subject of gender-, sex-, or sexual activity-based slurs. Weirdly, if such are brought to my attention, I object to them.

You know what I find odd? Conservatives complaining that Liberals are allowed to make nasty comments about their female contingent when they don't have the same right.

Thing is: Liberals don't have the same right. What I want to know is, where is the Conservative backlash about such incidents? And don't give me the 'OMG LIBERAL MEDIA' garbage. Locally (and nationally) there are plenty of outlets that would carry the message 'You don't have the right to do that.' There are organizations that would fight on your side (the ACLU is about American civil liberties, and among these is the right to be free of slander). Where is Rush Limbaugh, using the power of his millions of listeners, striking back with 'You can't use that language -- stick to the issues not the stereotypes and gendered name-calling'? Where is the groudswell of outrage on the intarwebs?

I'll tell you where: In the camp that thinks that it's okay to use those words for women, especially women with the potential for power or influence. The really obnoxious aspects male privledge are not confined to Conservative males -- there's heaps of them on the Liberal side, too. A person can believe in social welfare and still have the primitive response that 'women with power are dangerous', believe in equal rights but still have a visceral reaction to the threat of what he considers his rights, and frankly -- no one likes sharing.

The Christian Right which has taken over so much of the Republican Party has no real room for female politicians in their "Conservative Christian" doctrine. They are women who are required to simultaneously be the exemplar of "traditional familiy values" -- including but not limited to bowing to the will of the males in their lives and being content with 'a woman's role' -- while living lives that could not exist without the sexual revolution and the women's movement. And so -- if there is name calling -- the outrage is muted, because a large sector of the Right Wing agrees on a visceral level. The women of the Left aren't a threat to "traditional family values" the way that the women of the Right are.

Women on the Left can be dismissed as women who don't know their place, as women who do what they do because they are in some way moral degenerates, as belonging to some strata of society that's just trying to gain some kind of unwarranted focus (ugly, fat, gay, spinster, or whatever). But women on the Right -- they exemplify the same usurpations of male privledge, and the Right cannot tear them down in the same way... so the Right does not scream as loudly in outrage when some Liberal asshole uses inappropriate language to tear at them. Their women have to endure the mudslinging and the Right gets to say 'You're hypocrites' when the Left complains about Right Wing behavior.

Which, while true, is meant as a distraction from real issues instead of opening a dialogue about how the mud and blood and grime that is allowed to be used against women (I mean, c'mon, you call a politician a 'real bastard' it can be as much a compliment as a denigration. "Slut" has no redeeming features whatsoever.) But we can't have that conversation because it is antithetical to the "Traditional Family Values" Right wing, because if they campaign against the use of such language, they have to admit that it's wrong, that it is wrong to bring sexuality or gender into the political arena, that their Moral Agenda would be crippled by saying 'These things have no place in the governing of our nation.'

And if gender and sexuality have no place in the debate, we'd have to discuss the economy, foreign policy, domestic policy, environmental policy and all the things that go with them. Instead of promising "I'll fix all them problems" and handwaving the method (which, yes, the Left is pretty damn bad about, too) everything about governance would be exposed to the open air.

But it's easier to provoke screaming matches about gay marriage, birth control, and abortion. It's easier to say 'You're such hypocrites' instead of saying 'You know, you're right -- and we should screamed louder when our own were attacked this way'. The first is dismissive of the real problem, and the second actually calls the Left on their damned shenanigans. So the very real social issue of how women are treated in society goes on untreated because it becomes a convenient tool and weapon.

So, to every jackass who dismisses what was said to Ms. Fluke with 'You're a bunch of hypocrites', it's nice to know that your problem with the screaming is not that what Mr. Limbaugh said was inappropriate -- it's that he was called on it. All that says about you and similar members of the Right is that you're part of the larger problem of denigrating and deriding women who have the utter gall to have opinions, to express opinions, to gain political and social power outside of your narrowly defined rules, to be confident in themselves and their beliefs without a man to dictate such for them. I'm sure that you -- and the Liberal assholes who do, in fact, share your foxhole in the war against women -- are very happy catching your own women in the "friendly fire."

You suck.

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Thank you.

To me, it all stinks of the classic bigotry/racism I've encountered from time to time where the bigoted individual may actually know and relate to someone in the category...but has decided that this one isn't a "real" example.*

*My attempts to generalize the phenomenon seem to obscure the point, so let me provide an example:

Joe Blow: "I hate niggers."
Me: "Bwah? I thought you were good friends with So-and-so." [So-and-so being pretty inarguably black.]

In the ensuing conversation, it becomes clear that So-and-so, by virtue of being likeable, has become 'not REALLY black' in Joe's mind.

Slut-shaming (to reference another topic in the news lately) has a similar source. Many of these individuals will claim to revere and/or respect WOMEN, but that's only as long as said women follow the right behavior set. Step outside it and they're "not REAL women" and fair game for all the misogynistic crap.