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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Bathing in Sympathy

Apparently I need it because I think all people who are abused by their domestic partner, regardless of gender, deserve to be heard and that the subject of domestic violence is too often narrowed by society to just 'Men beat their girlfriends/wives.'

It seems that thinking that domestic abuse is wrong, full stop is -- if I understand what happened in cf_abby_tribute correctly, I am being a horrible, horrible apologist (I'd link, but it's a locked entry). I'm not entirely sure what I'm being an apologist for, mind, as I have acknowledged that a particular guy writing in to Dear Abby (I'll get the links in eventually) is being at best an ignorant twit and at worst a misogynistic prick. I think it's because I think that his particular ignorance and bullshit should be called out in their specifics rather than generalized to the phrase 'Won't someone think of the poor men?' because that dismisses something that's a real topic as being unworthy of consideration.

Given the way that society dismisses, ridicules, and torments women who are in abusive relationships and having difficulty escaping them, I find it bitterly ironic that any individual who would advocate for abused women and fight against domestic violence toward them would then dismiss and deride men who are abused by their domestic partners. I believe the theory is that bringing attention to those in the minority of abusive domestic situations somehow is supposed to undermine the fact that women are abused.

Me, I think acknowledging that anyone can end up in an abusive relationship and helping turn the tide of society's opinion toward it being wrong all the time regardless of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, and/or love of vegetables is a good thing and a step forward.

Still, I apparently need sympathy for that belief (and for the belief that it seriously undermines your argument against the dismissal, ridicule, and torment of one group if you turn around and do the same to another), so please, lovely people, pity me for my ignorance, close-mindedness, and lack of empathy.

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Clearly you made the mistake of being logical.

I've done that before in emotionally-charged irrational arenas and yes, people look at you as though you have two heads.