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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Philosophical question of the day...

Why is it that I hate little baby paperclips and absolutely adore baby binder clips? I mean, we're supposed to be wired to like babies, but I find myself with lots of unlove for itty-bitty paperclips and the urge to squee like a fangirl at bitty binder clips.

Apparently my maternal gene is broken.

Oh, wait... it is *me* I'm talking about.

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Perhaps because baby paperclips are useless and baby binder clips are still able to manage the job they were designed for?

But it's so *unfair* to hang grand expectations on babies! It's not right to blame them for being helpless! It's like comparing Iphicles to Heracles -- the normal baby shouldn't be expected to be as awesome as a demigod!

*ponders baby paperclips* Aw, *bleep* it, the only thing they're good for is, like, post-its that have lost their glue-power. I'm totally a bad paper-bindin-item parent. *pets baby binder clips and coos at her favorite*