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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]

It's bad enough that overplay on the radio destroys good songs, when they overplay songs that are bad, it's torture.

Dear Adele:

Regarding "Someone Like You":

So, you found out that your ex has moved on, gotten married, and is happy, so you feel the need to... what, show up on his doorstep and remind him that you're not over your previous relationship. Oh, well, you'll just find a clone of him, or something, and eventually get happiness out of your life someday. Because he's no longer available and is happy without you.

Get some therapy you creepy, irrational jerk.

This song is not romantic. It has no pathos, nor tragedy. What it is is whiny, creepy, and stalkery. It has a boring melody (yes, Adele, you have a nice voice, but it doesn't matter when the music itself sucks). There is, IMO, absolutely no redeeming feature to the lyrics (may I reiterate: He's happy, so you cannot help but go visit in the hopes that you will ruin it with the knowledge that you can't get over yourself Self-involved much? Seriously, if MY ex showed up being creepy and 'brokenhearted' and WTF-ever, I'd be 'shy' and contemplating calling the cops. OF COURSE HE DOESN'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU. A card would have been more than sufficient to wish him well, and even then likely more than he wanted from you. Geez.)

Shut up about your emotional inadequacies. Not only do I not care, I'm hovering around the desire to burn you in effigy.

Why the hell is this song popular? Do people really identify with 'OMG, HOW DARE YOU MOVE ON AND BE HAPPY?'

...do I really have to ask?

*checks out wikipedia* *laughs*

Apparently no one actually listens to the lyrics. If deciding that you'll just have to go find 'someone like you' in order to be happy, you haven't come to terms with jack shit. Never mind the creepy-stalkery-badness of your supposed actions during the course of the song.

I suppose it's as well that the wiki article was good for a laugh, because hearing you on the radio almost universally sets my head on fire.

-- Me.

Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated

I kind of like the sentiment of the song. of course the showing up out of the blue hoping that he'd magically remember how much he loved her and then divorce his wife and get back together....yeah that's therapy worthy. But the whole, I don't really begrudge you being happy, and I'm happy to see you happy, I just have to find someone else who made me happy like you did, that's sweet to me. I'd have to be in a very specific mood to listen to this song though. Hearing it constantly on the radio would definitely tweak me out. But I guess that I'm kinda hoping that minus the creepy stalker therapy part that Neil could be like this when and if I do start up another relationship. knock on wood or something.

any way, lurves you and hugs.

I hear it from 3 to 5 times a shift.

When I hear the lyrics, I don't hear someone who is getting over anything or moving on. I'm down with people getting over their previous relationships. Instead, I hear someone passive-aggressively going 'Well, I'm glad you're happy, 'cause I'm still miserable. I hope you'll keep me (and my misery) in mind as you go about your life. So, you just be happy over there, it's great, really, even though I can't get over you at all. Why are you running away? It's okay, I'll just find someone just like you, someday.'

Now, Dolly Parton did the sentiment real sentiment right. There's closure in 'I will always love you' (or whatever the real title of it is). Hell, Savage Garden did a decent job on it, too, including the awkwardness of contact after being separated for a while in 'I don't know you anymore.' 'Someone Like You'... I'd have to go a year without hearing it, I think, to even begin trying not to hear 'I R creepy stalker who can't let go' in it.

(My hope for you and Neil is closer to the Dolly Parton song. Neil showing up with 'I'm still not over you, but I'm er, glad you're happy' is just all *kinds* of awkward.)

(also, wow, sometimes I can't complete an edited sentence. GO ME!)

Edited at 2011-11-04 05:41 am (UTC)