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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]

I wanna be paid to not go to work.


Oh, well. Off into the gas-perfumed yonder.


We have vicious gangs of skunks around here so trust me when I say I feel your sensory pain (the money part goes without saying).

And what the shit is up with the f_w's astral chart? Megakablooey in the past 10 days. Too much even for me (ok, if I wasn't drowning in work it would have been great but them's the breaks...)

Moon rising in Cassie Clair (or however its spelled.) There's nothing and nobody who can bring the wank to the yard in the HP fandom like CC. Basically you have

Faithful minion: "CC's apt was broken into and laptops were stolen! Oh noes!"

Rabid fangirls: "We'll save her!" Forks over cash for three spanking new laptops!"

Faithful minions: "Money! Yay!"

Rabid fangirls: "And when's the next chapter of the Draco Trilogy coming out?"

Faithful minions: "She was just robbed, how dare you?"

F_W: O_o; WTF? Can't decide what to point and laugh at first, the people giving money, the people pissed because "OMG, since they're giving $$$ so CC can finish her magnum opus, how can they possibly want to knew if there's an update in the offing?". Side orders include:
"Why the fuck wasn't she insured" vs. "Why would she have been?"
"OMG how tacky" vs. "Why do you care how people spend their money?"
"CC should have more pride/grace than to take someone's last cent" vs. "Why? You're supposed to accept help gracefully."
"We'd do it for anyone in the fandom" vs. "Bitch, please. It's all because CC's a BNF."

Personal opinion:
It's insane. If anyone but CC (who is roundly despised by at least as many people as she's adored by) the wank wouldn't be so big. Personally, I think it's great that the people who actually know her want to help her replace the laptops but I'm seriously disturbed by the use of FictionAlley and CC's friends lists to gather funds for her... particularly when CC managed to get somone to buy her an iPod within the last couple of months just by wishing about it on her journal. From what I gather through F_W (which is admittedly biased) CC's more or less supported by her wealthy parents in New York, doesn't have a job, and while she claims to be a professional writer, she's not exactly supporting herself that way... and people really did post that they were giving her the last of the money in their bank account and instead of saying "Dude, you need it more than I do, obviously," her 'gracious' acceptance included stuff like ":)". Please.

Personally, I'm sorry about the break-in, but for fuck sake, she could probably get a new laptop for asking -- except, of course, mummy and daddy probably wouldn't buy new ones for the roommate and the boyfriend, so obviously it makes more sense to milk the friends list... and Yahoo!Groups.

When teh_faithful_minions started receiving flak about it, they're all "Dude, we'd do it for anyone" to which someone actually replied, "You didn't do it for me when I appealed to you on behalf of my mom, who has cancer and all I wanted was help finding the books on CD, not an effing laptop."

Minions, backpedaling, "Er, we don't know you. Buzzoff."

New wankplosion of need vs. luxury, many F_Wers giving money to cancermom (as she so inelegantly ended up being referred to on F_W) and CC's minions belatedly realizing that a) it was real appeal and b) now they look even more like dorks and can't do much to erase that image, even though they begin trying to promote this girl and her mother's plight.

It's pretty amazing, since I'm sure we're to about 2500 to 3000 wanks between all of the threads.

Excellent summary. Has someone already posted to fw greatest hits? You've got great comic timing.

When someone said CC is the alpha and omega of HP wank, they weren't kidding. And frankly, if she were more gracious to the fandom in general she needn't worry about splooge.

Thanks ;)

But more or less -- there's a tagline at the end of the "Cassie Claire Primer" which actually gives a lot of background as to why she sets of splooge storms.

And yeah, I think her ability to generate oceans of spooge is second only to Abby/Amy/Turimel wank (Turi'd hate the fact that they're probably my wank OT3, but there ya go *snerk*). Actually, come to think on it, CC is probably worse than A/A/T, when it comes down to it. It's just that Abby and Amy are scarier.