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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]

...I'm not at all sure that I want to be the subject of such a device. I mean, I like hugs (HUGS!!!!!) but spindling?

I am alive...

So there's this thing called lack of motivation due to pain and physical tiredness. Can't believe I wasted 3 whole days..sort of at least. I was so wiped out I slept through most of Weds/Thurs and went to town today and you know how that wipes me out. LOL

Love you woman, will call ya tomorrow. BTW my cell is back on so you can get me there,

Re: I am alive...

It's all good. Right now I'm at well over +60 for the week (in fact, I'm pretty sure I'm approaching 110 for the whole pay period) so I'm fucking tired -- if tired isn't managing multiple orgasms off of me, tired's got something wrong with it's equipment.) 12 hour days, oh, how I haven't missed thee.

Re: I am alive...

Also, what do you think of Paso for dinner on Sunday? (or, for that matter, Olive Garden, they've got neverending pasta on right now.) I'll totally pay.

Olive Garden It Is...and You Can Drive Too! Unless you just want to meet me there about 5pm-ish? I work 1045a-415p, so 5-ish should work and I'll be coming from Lynden!

Sossss Yeah you need massuese and sleepz.

We will see you tomorrow, you now have the new store number...and you can call my cell too...

Love you...