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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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March 2014
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Sometimes I wonder...

It seems to me that invective has a place -- for venting spleen (*bleep*bleep*bleep*), as a handy shorthand for things like 'This person's actions/behavior not only don't match social norms, they're veering off into n-space in such a direction that said behavior doesn't give social norms a decent flyby' (that's *batshit insane*), etc. It's a great way to keep me from my seemingly eternal desire to set deliberately ignorant people on fire. Or possibly drop them in pits of boiling acid. Or vivisect them slowly using dining hall knives (were I merciful, I would use spoons).

Far better that I call them idiots and crazy-ass people where they can't hear me, really.

In a general kind of way, I can agree that using words like 'retard', 'dumb', 'brain-damaged', 'crazy' etc., can be considered hurtful to those who actually have medical conditions associated with said terms. It does set a kind of expectation regarding people with those conditions that's not always fair.

But, seriously:

1. Invective isn't supposed to be nice.
2. 'That's ridiculous' just doesn't carry the same weight as 'That's bugnuts.' It really, really doesn't.

If nothing else, I find it bizarre to take members of a comm devoted to ranting/mocking to task over such language. It's... dumb crazy stupid ridiculous. Especially when one is a member of said comm.


As far as I can tell, no one is allowed to say anything on the Internet these days. This is why I pick and choose and word very carefully any comments on communities. All the walking on eggshells and required apologizing and back-pedaling stresses me out.

Yeah. The last time someone got in my face about it I just stopped looking at the thread because, hey, I'm really not going to apologize on a rant/snark comm for my language.

This time it was just a note by someone on an entry about it and all I could think was 'Really? Why are you *here*?' *shakes head*