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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Remarkable statement of the day

Lifted from a comment on customers_suck

No American business, even on the border, would take Canadian currency

Um... what?

I do get that if you don't live on the US/Canadian border it might never occur to you that (unlike with Mexico) we're very happy with Canadians coming down and spending their cash. It's a healthy proportion of the local economy. They're generally happy with us going north and spending our money, too.* But assuming that businesses along the worlds longest friendly border would not accept currency from the other country? *boggles* I'd understand asking whether it was common or not, but it isn't like we're talking about Yen, Euros, or name-that-distant-country's currency which are a bit more difficult to put one's hands on.

Fun fact: One of our biggest trading partners is Canada. I'm pretty sure they're actually our biggest trading partner. We like it when they spend money here, either as individuals or as businesses. If they didn't, we'd be really, really screwed.

Also, they're not the 51st state. Although it can be fun to make a Canadaian turn red by suggesting such a thing. If they're smart, they'll come back with the fact they're also the only country that has defeated the US in an actual declared war.

*Okay, when you're working retail of any kind, happy is probably not the first thing that comes to mind, particularly as I don't know anyone in retail in this are who can understand how Canadian's have a reputation for being polite (yes, wincing when I see Canadian plates is a learned response, not a bizzare random bigotry.) They're well versed in why we're considered arrogant assholes (I expect they wince when they see US plates). If anything, it's probably closer to a case of cordial despite when it comes to retail workers on either side of the border.


I am in the middle of Michigan, and we definitely take Canadian coins. We can't take the dollar coins or paper money though. I can see actual border towns taking it.

*nods* It differs from place to place. For example, when the Candaian dollar was worth about 60 cents, no one much further south from us would take Canadian coin of any kind for love or money because the local banks wouldn't take it at all -- it cost too much to try and return it to Canada and there wasn't enough demand to make it worthwhile to keep more than a token amount on hand. Stores'd take bills at appalling exchange rates and return US change.

That sucked for us at the gas station, because (and I've always *hated* this) far too many Canadians would save all that coin up and then dump it on us since we'd be 'grateful' and 'gas stations always need change'.

Eh, no. It's funny, because my last boss and I would talk about our experiences cashiering and I could not understand my hatred of the change thing. I don't think I ever managed to make her understand that it's never okay to pay for anthing with fifty dollars in nickles, dimes, and pennies with the occasional quarter for flavor. It wasn't a sometimes thing -- it was an all the damn time thing.

The irony of it was they'd even tell us that they knew that they couldn't get away with that behavior elsewhere -- it was mostly just at gas stations where it was acceptable behavior. I never did figure out why it was okay at a gas station/convenience store when they wouldn't try that kind of thing almost anywhere else.

Oh the paying in change thing! To me, it seems that a gas station is the worst place to pay with lots of change. Transactions are supposed to be fast and convenient, right? There is nothing fast about counting out five dollars in pennies, American or Canadian. 'Round here we don't get many Canadians paying in change like that. It's mostly the college students.