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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Active vs. Passive Voice

I'm curious. Many moons ago, I attended High School. It wasn't quite when dirt was new, but is approaching when the oceans were young.

I remember wanting to tear my hair out over the concept of active vs. passive voice. It's one of those things in writing that can only be vaguely described, because some things are not passive voice, they're just past tense or otherwise contain a perfectly necessary use of is/are/was.

(History papers utilizing past imperfect or past perfect tenses are guaranteed to trigger the 'OMG, PASSIVE VOICE' check in Word.)

In any case, I just completed an edit on a company newsletter and discovered my Passive Voice Radar has, inexplicably, become much more acute. I slashed out various conjugations of 'to be' with gleeful abandon.

Has anyone else discovered themselves abruptly being able to put the 'Wait, what?' advice given to them by their high school teachers to use and then thought 'OH! That's what Mr./Ms./Grand-High-Poobah Wiggedly-Puckums was on about!'

Or, failing that, been reading something and had a spike of 'Oh, that's just bad, and I even remember why!'

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