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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Apparently, it's 'Your emotional response is not valid day' on CF_Abby_Tribute

In response to this post in CF Abby Tribute, I have to say:

FOR LOVE OF EVERYTHING, people have a right to emotional responses.

If a woman labels her response to having a male nurse attempt to do his job as 'violating' then it was.

What anyone thinks of that reaction is beside the point. It's her emotional response; she's allowed to have it as bizarre and histrionic as it may be.

Seriously, get over the idea that you can dictate what someone else feels and in what intensity. Think it's ridiculous all you want (because your emotional reaction is perfectly valid, too) but declaring 'OMG, she used the word violated, that's such an insult to rape or assault victims!' That's just not on. Lots of people find being in the hospital an experience of helplessness and casual violation of dignity by circumstance.

Her body, her emotional response, her right to express it as she chooses (w/in reason, of course).

*rolls eyes*

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Well, clearly the part they're all debating is exactly what constitutes "within reason". :-P

I too think the twit is nuts. The phrase "this nurse believes he has the right to violate me" is imputing motivations to the poor sod just-trying-to-do-his-job that are just ridiculous. "I felt violated and threatened" is fine, "he believes he can violate me" is not.

At least in my book.

Oh, I totally agree that her wording is... nuts. Because the poor nurse is totally there to violate one by removing the catheter, rather than do his job. *rolls eyes*

OTOH, she's also obviously been raised to believe that *that* was exactly what happened. I'm rather sickened by the idea that male medical professionals have been branded by her upbringing as being in the same category as someone wanting to 'play doctor' (whether or not such were consensual.)

Still, it clearly bothered her a lot and I'm not really okay with dismissing her very real feelings, even with the weird misattribution of the nurse's motivation.