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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Transparency... I does not have it...

M: Me
D: Dispatch
P: Paperwork
F: With a surprise cameo by... the FAX!

M: Oh, wha--? No! Shut up!
F: BWAHAHAHA! *whirrrr*spit*spit*spit*
P: Ewwwww. FAX spit.
F: *hack*cough*ptooie!*
P: Seriously, the loogie was overkill.
F: Heh.
M: You two done?
P: Yah. I want a shower.
M: Dude, it's hard enough to read you through the fax-snot. I'm not ducking you in water.
P: You suck.
M: I <3 you, too!

M: *wanders over to counter*
P: I should let you know that I'm incomplete, BTW.
M: You were talking about sucking?
P: Heh.
M: Jovian Gravity Well
P: Oh, please. From this distance you can fart and escape it.
M: Only if I get to set the methane on fire.

M: I don't wanna.
P: You know you gotta catch 'em all.
M: *picks up phone* If you think I'm putting you in a poke-ball, you're high.
D: You rang?
M: *DING*DING*DING* I mean, yeah.
D: What can I do for you?
M: I'm missing an invoice.
D: I'll get it right to you!
M: Yay!

F: *haaaaack*cough*hack*Blurrrrrck*
M: You should really get that looked at.
F: *whiiiiiiiir*ptooie*
M: Seriously?
F: Heh, heh, heh.
M: This isn't an invoice...
P: Teehee!
M: ...this is a bill of lading?
F: *smug*
M: How do you even do that? You're an inanimate object!
P: Talking to objects? You really ought to get that checked out.
M: Shut up, you.

M: *picks up phone*
M: I really don't want to.
P: I'm NAKED! I need my PANTS! I'm being ravished, I tell you! Ravished!
M: Really? Because I'm pretty sure you've been having fun making out with all the other piles of paper on my desk, making cellulose babies.
P: It's not my fault you don't put the lovelies on your desk on Depo.
M: I'd love to. It'd be a better option than their current passtime of consuming Spanish Fly and drinking tequila.

D: You rang?
M: *gooonnnng* I mean, yes. Duh.
D: What can I do for you?
M: I asked for an invoice a bit ago...
D: Yeah!
M: I got a bill of lading. I need an invoice. Specifically the pro forma invoice. You know -- it shows the buyer and seller, the total value of the backup invoices, and such? Not the bill of lading -- the invoice.
D: OH! I've got it in my hands.
M: Excellent!
D: Just to be sure... You want the manifest?
M: ... ... ...
P: *falls off desk, laughing*
F: *hacks up a loogie*
D: Are you still there? You want the manifest.
M: Nooooo. I want the invoice.
D: I've got a bill of lading.
M: *wimpers*
D: I don't seem to have what you want.
M: Funny, every other shipment on the truck has one.
D: Oh..., *rustle*rustle* You mean the pro forma invoice? I'll have to ask and see if it's hiding around here somewhere.
M: ...okay.
D: *hangs up*
M: Was I really that unclear?
P: Clearly.

P: *lurches drunkenly around the desk, randomly fondling entries, baskets, and the occasional phallic object pen.*
F: Braaaaaaaaains
M: What was that?
F: *ptooie* Hrumph.
M: What's your problem?
F: Invoice. Yuck.
P: At least it's not covered in excessive phlegm?
M: ...Yay?

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OMG! I love you!

You really shouldz writz more fiction love!