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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Oh, for crying out loud.

If the only thing you can think to nitpick about a fanfic is "OMG, you used a non-existent word in a non-existant language" you're a flaming jackass. Feel free to say 'I think your plotting sucks' or 'You can't write an action scene for shit' or 'Aveline's hubby would never do that!' or 'Crap, you only did the prologue, and I wanted more action/description of Flemeth's rescue/snarky interaction/WTF-ever'. Comments about my writing I am willing to take as constructive criticism; this is not criticism of writing, it's specific word choice and I personally like gendered nouns. Sue me.

Seriously, I am not going to debate using 'Malefica' over 'Maleficar'. To my knowledge, Bioware is not Dr. Tolkein and hasn't released a complete grammar and vocabulary for it's "fake" languages. If/when I finish the fic I started, I may or may not continue using the correct feminine version of the Latin adjective they're using for mages.

I could also wave the FFS ITS AN AU AND I'LL DO WHAT I WANT flag, but that's really juvenile and FFN-flouncing-ish.

(What really baffles me is that we see maleficar and maleficarum used as borrowed words and actually have no real idea how it works in "actual" Arcanum. It's not exactly unusual for words to be used, well, incorrectly in the borrowing language -- or for the small distinctions to be missed.)

I owe someone an apology for being confused by her use of blond/blonde a couple of years ago. I totally get it (even if my bafflement is at least based in a real language, rather than a fake one.)

(BTW, does anyone else wonder how the hell Aveline and Wesley can be married when Andrastian Templars take vows of chastity? I mean, I suppose they could have been married before he became a Templar, but, seriously, WTF? Or is it like Sebastian and his proposal of a chaste marriage in the eyes of the Maker because, well, he's broken all of his other Chantry vows, but gee, Hawke, you'e kind of awesome, so let's just be sexless and chaste until we die! It'll be awesome! Psssst, Sebastian, even your mother-figure, Grand Cleric Elthina, pretty much thinks this is a ridiculous idea. Go be Prince of Starkhaven, get married, and have fun while knocking your wife up.)