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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Oh, really?

Apparently, you're only worthy of rasing money if you can walk a long distance.

As a 3-Day walker I find the the whole thing bizarre.

I raise money for Breast Cancer. I do so via Komen for the Cure. I do it via the 3-day.

No, I can't walk 60 miles in three days. I do my best, mind, but I have limits. The important thing is not whether or not I can walk 60 miles with or without the mass of blisters it's about whether I manage to raise the money for the event.

It's never been about the 20 miles a day for three days (that's just something that gets people's attention) it's been about raising money for a cause.

I find the notion of being called a 'flake' because (for unknown reasons, which are myriad on an endurance-type walk -- they chuck you on busses for any number of causes) I couldn't complete the distance, of being less worthy of respect because I set an ambitious goal I couldn't quite meet (but tried), of being essentially unworthy of even trying because of some arbitrary measure to be both offensive and bewildering.

Charity walks, no matter the distance, are about raising money and raising awareness. As long as one has achieved the goals that matter, what does it matter if the walker managed 1, 5, 15, or 1000 miles?

Yes, some people are jerks and make it less about the cause they serve than about their efforts (OMG, I raised so much, went so far, went so fast, got sick, got injured, threw up on a dog, whatever) which is something I'm not okay with... but finding that behavior reprehensible is not the same as saying "Gee, you asked me to support your cause, but I think that neither you nor your cause are worthwhile unless you managed the whole thing."

Really? My cause and I aren't worthy because I try, but fail? It's not like it's a race, FFS.

So... No one should make an attempt unless they can succeed, should not be allowed human weakness, should not be allowed failure. Trying is only worth the succeeding, and your worth (and that of any cause you believe in) is tied directly never attempting to push the edges of your abilities.

Good to know. I think it's a shame that my pet cause (finding a cure for cancer -- I'm just helping the funding for breast cancer research in the possibly vain hope that if we kick one, we'll have a good basis to kick others) is not worthwhile because -- like so many others pretty much everywhere -- I can't walk 60 miles in 3 days.

I guess I'll just give up on it, then.

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